COVID-19 and the Looming Food Crisis

Will COVID-19 cause a food crisis? Left unabated with frequent lockdowns and social distancing, this pandemic might push the world into a grave food crisis.

Lockdowns of COVID-19 have disrupted the world economy. Another disturbing aftermath that is being predicted is a food shortage. The pandemic is negatively impacting the world’s agricultural sector and if intelligent policy measures are not forthcoming to protect the global food supply chains, a food crisis might be unavoidable.

The world had witnessed several hunger crises in the past due to wars, economic downturns, or bad weather. However, the coronavirus pandemic has a different impact. It is not limited to a region and threatens a food crisis on a global level.

How COVID-19 might cause a food crisis?

With several countries going under lockdowns and social distancing, there could happen a severe shortage of labor for farming and harvesting. Planting is also getting disrupted because of the non-availability of seeds and fertilizers. The ongoing logistics bottlenecks due to the lockdown might disrupt the supply chain further. Food shortages and price hikes seem inevitable.

Countries might also go on a protective mode and close their borders and stop trade to keep the limited supply to themselves. An example is a recent step taken by Vietnam and Cambodia in banning the export of rice. The countries that heavily depend on imports are likely to suffer the most.

As with any crisis, it is the poor who will suffer the most. Along with the loss of income, the increase in food prices would make food unaffordable for the majority. On a global level, the vulnerable section could sink into poverty and face rampant starvation and malnutrition.

Is there a need to panic? So far we are safe because the global food stock levels would suffice for a while. However, if the situation continues for extended periods, the health crisis might soon turn into a food crisis.

India was caught in a tough spot while announcing the lockdown. The nationwide lockdown coincided with the harvesting of Rabi crops. Experts say that both Rabi and Kharif seasons have been affected and the impact would be more visible in the coming years. Our country is also one of the largest producers of rice, sugarcane, and wheat in the world, and disruptions in Indian agriculture might lead to a global scarcity for these crops.

The situation requires policy measures on a global level to exempt farming activities from lockdowns and facilitate the logistics for the agricultural sector. It also stresses the need for strengthening the local food markets. We need to ensure a local supply of essential food items to survive such disruptions in the future.

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