Medical Equipment to Combat COVID-19- SITCO Is Your Trusted Partner

COVID-19 is a respiratory distress that transmits through the respiratory droplets of infected persons. Evidence suggests that it also spreads through the air. The virus remains alive on many surfaces for a long duration and also remains asymptomatic for 2 weeks. This fast-spreading and asymptomatic nature of COVID-19 makes it a difficult pandemic to tackle.

In our fight against COVID-19, we are relying on several medical equipments such as ventilators, rapid test kits, nitrile gloves, personal protective equipment, and face masks. Even hand sanitizers have emerged as an important weapon in the frontline of the battle. The sudden increase in demand for these equipment has created a scarcity in the market because of supply falling short.

SITCO, the export division of SBL, is a leading supplier of medical equipment. We have a dedicated manufacturing facility to provide quality products and scale up the production to meet the increased need in India’s fight against COVID-19.

We provide the following medical supplies to help in combating COVID-19.

Face masks

Worn securely over the nose and mouth, the face masks provide 2-way protection. It protects both the wearer and those who come in contact with them from catching the virus inadvertently.  Three types of face masks are used widely in this pandemic – surgical mask, N95 respirator, and homemade face masks.

Though people use a homemade face mask, it is recommended to switch to surgical masks or N95 respirators for effective protection. We should check the quality of the face mask before use. FDA approved face masks from reputed suppliers like SITCO can guarantee 100% protection against COVID-19 when you venture out of your homes.

Hand sanitizers

Washing the hands frequently with hand sanitizer or soap is widely promoted as the first line of defense against COVID-19. It kills the virus by denaturation. The best practice is to use soap and water and in situations where soap is not available, you can replace it with hand sanitizers. CDC recommends using alcohol-based hand sanitizers with a minimum alcohol content of 60%. SITCO provides safe and effective hand sanitizers with 70% isopropanol for rapid action against COVID-19.


Ventilators help patients in respiratory distress to breathe freely. It pumps in oxygen and removes the carbon dioxide from the lungs using a tube. With COVID-19, the patients requiring ventilator support is increasing by the day. To save lives, we need a reliable supply of high-quality ventilators. SITCO supplies fully electric ventilators requiring low maintenance and high performance even in harsh conditions.

Nitrile gloves

CDC recommends the use of gloves along with face masks any time you step outside for effective protection against COVID-19. Gloves can reduce touch contamination. Though most gloves are of latex or rubber, nitrile gloves are preferred for their superior quality and resistance and also as an alternate choice for people with latex allergy. SITCO provides durable nitrile gloves that are tear-resistant and chemical resistant and can be used in multiple settings.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment covers the wearer completely and shields him from contaminants of the external environment. It covers the person from head to toe and is commonly used by health care professionals. Coverall, hood, face shield mask, shoe cover, and hand gloves are an integral part of any personal protective equipment.

The health care professionals are in the frontline of COVID-19 battle and require reliable and high-quality PPE for protection. We cannot entertain a shortage of supply in these critical times. All efforts should be made to ensure that we have a steady supply of PPE to ensure the safety of health care professionals. SITCO provides certified personal protective equipment that is reliable and of impeccable quality.

Rapid test kits

Apart from lockdowns and social distancing, COVID-19 requires rapid testing of the population to identify and quarantine the asymptomatic carriers. Since lockdowns cannot be extended indefinitely, we should use rapid testing in tandem with other measures such as social distancing and hand hygiene to flatten the curve.

A densely populated country like India needs a vast supply of rapid test kits to carry out active screening. We cannot compromise on the quality and accuracy of rapid test kits. SITCO supplies reliable rapid test kits to the various institutions. Our product is recommended by ICMR and holds IVD and CDSCO license. Depending on the requirement, we assure a bulk supply of rapid test kits for COVID-19.

The escalating COVID-19 positive cases are a matter of concern and it is putting an indescribable burden on our already weak health infrastructure. There should be an increased production of the medical essentials to ensure that we do not fall short of these during the crisis.

The medical equipment division of SITCO is well-equipped and uses high-end technology in manufacturing. We have tie-ups with reputed vendors to guarantee reliable and efficient medical supplies during COVID-19.